Care Instructions Of Gold Ornaments

  1. Please avoid gold ring contact directly with perfume, hair gel and other high volatile substances and acidic substances, detergents and other chemicals, so as not to cause colour fading of gold ornaments.
  2. When swimming, please take off the gold ornaments to avoid the chemical reaction or chemical change on the surface when it is immersed in the sea water or pool water for a long time.
  3. Gold ornaments will appear white or black spots when connected with cosmetics with lead or mercury .When cleaning, it is recommended to burn with alcohol lamp to restore the original color.
  4. Please regularly dilute soap or hand sanitizer of mild nature (avoid using alkaline one or acidic one) with clean water.And use soft brush with them to gently wipe and remove the dust and dirt on the surface of gold ornaments
  5. The gold ornaments worn for a long time lose luster due to the contamination of stains and dust. You only need to regularly put the gold ornaments in neutral lotion and wash them with warm water and soft bristle brush