Funbulls Stories

As a child I would sit for hours on end in my grandfathers shed keenly observing him work on giving new life to gold pieces. He would buy an array of ornaments and make them be splendour; welding and polishing each piece until they were perfect. Witnessing these spectacular transformations instilled inside me a love for beautiful shapes and materials.

As I grew older, my own collection of decorative keepsakes grew from beads to traditional Chinese jewellery handed down from my mother. Working with my hands exploring these materials made me contemplate exactly how these stunning jewels were created, I wanted to create something equally exquisite, something to be cherished. With this in mind I embarked on my journey into the world of jewellery, studying handmade Jewellery and Metalwork.

Through my creative knowledge established at the workbench, I achieved a first class honours I truly felt now was the moment to make my childhood dream a reality.To make more beautiful classic Jewellery

The meeting of my wife and I inspired the contemporary brand Funbulls. Through our shared appreciation of high quality craftsmanship and attention to detail we aim to create a popular brands combining ancient and modern, creating incredibly expressive designs, with playful delicacy in motifs and materials that elegantly adapt to every occasion. We believe a single piece of jewellery can speak a thousand words; it is more than a beautiful object, it tells a story and expresses character.

At Funbulls we desire to create innovative beautiful jewellery by pushing the boundaries and re-inventing what we’ve already seen. Architecture and interiors are a constant source of inspiration. Harmonising my Chinese heritage with contemporary western style, I translate geometric patterns and motifs to spice up the creative jewellery scene.

Creativity and innovation continue to be the soul of Funbulls. Our unique creations are bought to life with high levels of precision, experience and creativity.