Our Values

Here at Team FUNBULLS, we believe that the values we hold are essential to fulfiling our ambition of becoming the leading accessible luxury brand.

Customer Obsessed
Our customers are at the core of everything we do. We will always deliver an outstanding and personal experience to them every time they interact with us, to ensure their ongoing support and loyalty.

We treat people and the planet with respect. We are open and honest with each other while ensuring we take an empathetic and supportive approach. Diversity and inclusion, equality and community, and the environment matter to us. Because we care about people and the future of our planet.

Fast Paced

We are passionate about what we do and we want to reach as many customers as fast as we can. We combine focus with pragmatism and flexibility so that we can move at pace in whichever direction we need to take.

We have a relentless desire to continually learn and improve to ensure our products and approach are exceptional. Our tenacity, high standards and attention to detail give us a competitive advantage.

We focus hard on facts and approach things in a logical, rational and analytical way. We challenge each other to make sure we make decisions and take actions that create value for our business and our customers.